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NWMS Library

NWMS Library

The North Whidbey Middle School library carries thousands of books and audiobooks for students and teachers to check out to enhance the learning process and for the enjoyment of reading. We also have a full supply of Chrome Books for class and individual use and an interactive projector system. The library is available for class use or for student use during free time. We also monitor and maintain many educational databases for use by teachers and students. These databases can be accessed at any time and anywhere if you have access to the web.

In the North Whidbey Middle School Library we try to create a useful and welcoming environment. The library is typically abuzz with activity during class periods as classes are scheduled to come in and use the computer lab or check out books. During free time one is likely to find it just as busy as it is a popular place to come and do research or finish assignments as well as a place to unwind and hang out with friends.



Hours are subject to change for administrative uses.


Anthony Kendrick

(360) 279-5540

Library Assistant
Lisa Margraf

(360) 279-5538