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Online Payments Made Easy with e-Funds

With e-Funds, families have the ability to make electronic payments for school-related fees (athletics, ASB, parking yearbook etc) anytime they want. It's a simple process and families decide if they want to use their checking account, debit card or credit card.  It's fast, easy, secure, and entirely free (no service fees)!
You can track your student account through Family Access. In the system's message center, you will see notifications of payments and low account balances. You may also click on the Food Service tab to view cafeteria purchases, payments and account balance.

How Do I get started?

  1. Visit  Family Access-Skyward. Enter the login ID and Password that your school has provided. Click on Sign In.
  2. Select Student Information (left-hand column) and find your student’s Other ID #. You will need this number when you set up your account in e-Funds, see step 4 below.
  3. Click on Food Service or Fee Management.
  4. Click on Make a Payment. This will direct you to the e-Funds website.
  5. To set-up, your new account, click on Register and follow instructions. You may also view the registration tutorial document on the same page. Please note that when filling in the student ID # field, include the leading zero.
  6. You will be asked to provide credit or debit card information into the secure system.

Once you have set up your account, you can access e-Funds directly.

eFunds as a Guest

If you are paying for a transcript(s) or other services that don't require Skyward Family access you may still use e-Funds to complete the purchase.  

  1. Go to e-Funds
  2. Click on the item you would like to pay for (transcripts, golf tournaments etc)
  3. Click on "Continue as Guest"
  4. Change the amount to the correct billing payment
  5. Add additional information if necessary
  6. Click on "Check Out"
  7. Select your form of payment
  8. Follow the prompts and print your receipt 

Do I have to enroll with e-Funds?
If you do not wish to make payments online, there is no need to sign up. We welcome payments by cash or check at each school site.

Questions or Concerns?
Please visit your school secretary if you need further assistance or you may contact Rachel Frankwich at 360.279.5015.