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Advisor: Ana Prosser -

Meets: Not Currently Meeting

STEM club was formed in 2018 by a 7th-grade science enthusiast. The club invites 7th and 8th graders with an interest in science, but they need no prior experience. STEM club offers its members a great place to take initiative and discover engineering through the engagement of hands-on projects.  

Our focus is hands-on projects which go above and beyond the curriculum. Last year we had a variety of engineering projects which included a tsunami generator and building toothpick bridges. Other projects were building catapults designed to hit targets, and dissecting frog and cow eyes.

"As an advisor and science teacher, I like that all my students have the opportunity to explore and produce activities that help make them interested in science and focus on STEM fields in their future career." -Ana Prosser

Water Bottle Greenhouse
This year we started to work on a project to make a greenhouse wall from plastic bottles. So far we have built the wall with small water bottles, and analyzed how the bottles affect the desired long-term solution. The club students came to the conclusion that two-liter bottles will be more appropriate for this kind of building. We are in need of over 1200 bottles of this kind.